Meros Apartments is a new and ongoing development consisting of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

The property is strategically located within the Central Business District area of Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.The development is about 70% complete with delivery date of August 2018.

The project is a brand extension of exquisitely finished and popular Meros Villa located within the serene part of Omole Phase 1, Off Agidingbi, Ikeja.

At completion, the apartments will be fully-serviced making it a good investment opportunity to realize the commercial value of the property.

As a resident, you will enjoy luxury and comfortable living with full services provided ; luxury has never been cheaper.

The property is suitable for investment as short-let serviced apartment which can be operated by the buyer or offered for long-lease to realize commercial value. Whatever you choose to do you will have a happy and satisfying experience.

✴ Tastefully finished themed rooms, private bar and restaurant,
✴ Exclusive roof-top swimming pool
✴ World-class gym,
✴ Housekeeping and
✴ 24-7, uninterrupted power supply.


*At Current Level of Completion

1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment N35,000,000

2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment N60,000,000

*At Completion*

1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment N40,000,000

2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment N65,000,000

Registered Deed of Assignment

*Legal&Documentation Fee* - 5%

For enquiries, inspection and purchase. Please call +2347062889444, +2348180422501.

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