You are not yet established till you start building your property portfolio. The greatest asset you can ever own and possess which will continue to appreciate in value and later leave for your children as inheritance is properties. As a matter of fact, Real estate investment tops the league of investments that has been booming for a very long time irrespective of where you are on this planet earth. Landed properties are asset that tends to increases in values in the shortest period of time. Let me take you by the hand to show you that the best decision you would ever take when buying a land is to buy one in an estate.

1. Your Land Appreciate Faster in Value:  Location matters a lot in real estate investment. The presence of many estates in a location is an indication that such location is prone to experience fast development. As I have always said that when buying a land, it is better to buy at locations close to fringe of development as it helps in faster appreciation of your property.  When making your next land purchase, endeavour to buy in an estate. Real estate companies are out for business and they will never invest their money where it will be tied down for a very long period of time. So in other to increase their passive value, they speedily develop their estates so as to suit their investors. The availability of these socio-cultural amenities is a contributing factor to the increase in value of your landed properties. 

2. Your Investment is Safe: To avoid sorry stories that touch the heart, it is more advisable to buy land in an estate. In real estate business, every day we hear stories upon stories, how people were scammed of their hard earned money most especially by the omo-oniles.  Therefore when investing in properties endeavour to buy from a real estate property consulting firm. Through this, your land will not only increase in value, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of stress and sorry stories as the Estate consulting firm would have settled with the real land owners before commencing the sales.

3. Your Land is Safe from Government Acquisition: Real estate consulting firms are fully registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission and will never swindle you to buy lands on areas under government committed acquisition unlike the omoniles that are just after your hard earned money.  You can easily verify from the Lagos State Surveyor General office and Bureau of Lands, Alausa, Lagos State to know if the land is free from acquisition.

4. Proper Documentation of Your Land: Because you are dealing with a reputable company and not just any tom, dick and harry, you are sure of getting a land with proper and complete documentation. From the letter of allocation to deed of assignment, receipt of purchase, survey plan, certificate of occupancy etc.  Buying landed property in an estate also save you the stress of getting the entire document by yourself as the time you will spend doing all this can be channelled into doing other productive things. The estate consulting firm is saddle with the responsibility of perfecting your land document title.

5. Well Design Layout: Buildings inside an estate are properly structured in well design layers and patterns that can give your house the proper fitting and beauty it deserves. This always contribute to the value of your building. Also building a house in an estate saves you the stress of running around for blocks to build your fence, provide electricity, drainage and road as all this will be taken care of by the estate owners.  

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