Best places to buy Lands in Lagos for Maximum Returns on Investment:

• Sangotedo
• Abijo
• Lakowe
• Bogije
• Ibeju Lekki

Note that all these areas are within one corridor, which is Lekki-Ajah Corridor.

The fact about these are, Lands within the Lekki Ajah corridor have the greatest potentials for future appreciation.

Example: Currently a plot of land in Abijo GRA currently sells for N10m, N11m respectively.

In 5yrs it could sell for N40m or N45m/plot and in another 10yrs, it's still going to follow this trend of appreciation in price until it reaches a point of resistance.

At this point it could be selling at N100m, N120m/plot that's depending on the level of developments and value that has been added to the location.

Lekki Phase 1 has already come close to that point of resistance.

About 20 years back, Lands within Lekki phase 1 were selling below N1m plot, and there was a high potential of appreciation in price then but now a plot in Lekki phase 1 sells between N200m to N250m and it has reached its peak appreciation rate.

What we are trying to say in essence is Lands in Lekki Phase 1 can only appreciate by 1%,2% or even less.

So in short explanation, anyone who's currently buying a plot of Land in Lekki Phase 1 is not buying because of appreciation in price but currently buying because of development that has evolved around that area.


The best time to buy real estate is before the developments happen.
Reason: Because its going to be cheaper at that time.

- Buy that house off plan, sometimes you don't need to wait until it is fully built.

- Buy that land now before the development, don't wait until it is fully developed.

- Buy that land in that estate when it is still undergoing development. 

The more developments that happens, the higher the price.

Eg; Arium Estate, Abijo GRA was selling for N7m/plot last year September, but currently it is selling for N10m/plot.

Westwood Park Estate, Sangotedo introductory price last year was N8.4m/plot. But, Right now it is selling for N16m/plot.

What happen in such a short period?


Lagos real estate world is world class because its arguably the head quarter of world commerce, and real estate thrives greatly on commerce.

Acquiring a land within Lekki Ajah axis of Lagos isn't just acquiring a land. It is acquiring an investment especially when you do so in the place with the needed ROI pointers.

In conclusion, invest in that estate today, before development goes there fully. Just make sure you look out for the pointers, don't make the mistakes of thinking a place will become developed when there are no pointers that any of such things will happen.

Remember, where development is, increase in value is guaranteed.

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