It is no longer news that Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos is the fastest growing region in Nigeria and arguably in Africa. The tremendous level of public and private sector involvement here should be of great interest to every shrewd investor.

Over 8,000 engineers will be engaged by Dangote Refinery with more than 1000 staff already provided accommodation for by developers. How financially rewarding would it be to you if you were a service or goods provider to a chunk of these huge figures? Clients are king and every business thrives on patronage. 

Have you considered having a branch or business subsidiary in this region?
Who would house this massive workforce and more? You of course, through your rental properties and guest-houses. 

Life is full of opportunities and this is one of such you can’t afford to turn a blind eye to.

Ibeju-Lekki has been lovingly touted as the New Dubai of Africa. This is truth succinctly stated for the massive injection of investments in this area is set to transform it and its environs into a highly industrialized region with regular power supply and creation of over 100,000 jobs. What great human potential!
Let your concerns about congestion be allayed for the area is well planned and Lagos State government is aggressively expanding and upgrading the existing road network with more road projects being undertaken. Even Ondo State government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to construct a 50km road linking Ibeju-Lekki with Ondo State; this is indeed a commendable and insightful initiative.
Tourism, as we know, boosts an economy in no small measure. The Epe-Marina lagoon reclamation project currently ongoing by Lagos State government would heighten the Dubai flair of Ibeju-Lekki, generating revenue for the government and smiling pockets for private businesses like yours. This is a boost to the influence of Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) whose international reach extends to Europe, The Americas and Western Africa, amongst others.

The future belongs to those who take action now! This megacity called Ibeju-Lekki is here already, don’t be left out. There are a variety of land options available with flexible and affordable instalmental payments to suit your pocket and budget. 

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